We are the CityPlace Residents’ Association. We strive to improve the quality of life for residents and encourage a sense of pride in our community. The CityPlace Residents’ Association is a governing body, establishing City policies, each member of the Board of Directors is responsible for a specific arc of the community voice, designated to carry out the directives of the established vision of the CityPlace residents. They meet 12 times per year and carry out a series of events, fundraisers and works with the Toronto City Council for the civic needs of the City Place community. Our association consists of nine Council Members elected by the residents of City Place. CPRA board of director members serve 3-year terms.

What we do

CPRA represents the community interests of the CityPlace residents. The CPRA represents 26 condominium/co-operative buildings that are home to over 13,500 residents. Formed in 1990, CPRA is a collective voice for residents to participate in the decision-making process around urban issues affecting the neighbourhood. These include planning and development, community safety and traffic, and other municipal and provincial matters of interest or concern.

Our vision

We are a non-partisan organization advocating for community betterment in the CityPlace neighbourhood.

Residents First
Bias for action
Social Engagement

Our mission

Our mission is to ensure the ongoing improvement of our neighbourhood by promoting a platform for community engagement for all CityPlace residents.

Our goals

  1. Partner with local businesses for the betterment of residents and the community.
  2. Collaborate with community organizations, TCHC, and other stakeholders.
  3. Advocate for residents and businesses.
  4. Organize social events and programs for the community.
  5. Provide a network of resources for the community.

Our values

Residents first: CPRA represents the voice of CityPlace residents.

Transparency: We operate with full transparency and welcome an open dialogue with all community members.

Non-partisan: CPRA is a nonpartisan organization.

Bias for action: We promote positive changes in our community.

Social engagement: We believe that great things happen when neighbours come together.

Sustainability: We support the long-term sustainability of CityPlace.

Advisory board officials

The Toronto City Councillor, as well as the Provincial and Federal MPP, sit on the CPRA advisory board. The advisory board takes an active role in guiding CPRA Director members to better serve the CityPlace community, and act as a liaison to the Toronto City Council. The board of directors will also appoint members of the Planning Board, Civil Service Commission and Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee, among others

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