Peter Chiaramonte

Typically, our residents are young, highly educated, ethnically mixed and affluent. A whopping 95 per cent of CityPlace residents hold university degrees and are employed in business, finance, and science. Noticeably missing from these data points are professional artists. (Yet I suspect we have many artists among us.)

I’d like to point out that one of greatest assets to any central, urban community is the noticeable presence of artists and artisans. Especially when joined by young professionals whose eyes and imaginations have been widened (and wised), by the artists’ aesthetic influence on all matters: personal and socio-economic.

Along with artists come new people whose connections and life-skills can be vital assets to our community’s citizenry and culture. Ironically, CityPlace residents’ affluence (and the high cost of living where we do) may be cheating us out of a more interesting, diverse, and vibrant city quarter. However, one well within reach of developing.