Marko Platosh

A CityPlace resident since 2015, Marko has directly witnessed the rapid transformation of the neighbourhood, and the opportunities and challenges that the redevelopment has brought. Marko considers congestion, pedestrian experience and improved public spaces to be particularly important issues currently facing our community.

Marko currently works at Fengate Asset Management, where he assesses real estate investment opportunities and helps advance existing real estate development projects in Canada. Previously, Marko spent several years working in investment banking, with a real estate focus, which included advisory work to City of Toronto entities.

Marko’s experience working alongside established partners on real estate development projects in Toronto has provided an understanding of opportunities and constraints of the processes that the different stakeholders within the City face.

As a first-generation immigrant, Marko freely speaks three languages. He hopes to use his experience in the financial services and real estate industries to advance solutions to aforementioned priorities and is excited to contribute to CPRA in all the ways where his skillset would fit.