Jacquelene Chu

Jacquelene Chu is a Cityplace resident since 2010. She would like to have more involvement in the community and help improve the quality of life for residents. Jacquelene’s volunteer experience includes social event planning, a visual arts assistant, as well as a math and science tutor. She is interested in community engagement and social outreach, and can also help out with other aspects as required by the CPRA.
Currently, Jacquelene works as a dentist and provides oral health care services and education to people of various ages and backgrounds. While at the University of Toronto, she provided dental care to individuals of diverse backgrounds, particularly lower income, and individuals on ODSP. She graduated from the University of Toronto with degrees in Chemical engineering as well as dentistry.
Jacquelene’s past volunteer work and technical background would be a great asset to the board of directors and Cityplace.