Humera Siddiqi

My name is Humera Siddiqi. I was born and raised in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

I migrated to Canada in November of 1987, and quickly adapted to the Canadian experience. By 1993, I was very busy raising five children. As they started in school, I stepped into the community of St James Town, considered one of the most diverse ethnic and cultural neighbourhoods in the world. The first need I saw for advocacy was how the predominant English language was not the first tongue of most of my neighbours, leaving us at risk for exclusion and under-representation.

From there, my dedication to community development grew, and I began working as an International Cuisine Instructor for the City of Toronto Parks and Recreation Department, and Public Health. I was on the Board of LIFT (Low Income Families Together, maintaining partnerships and networks with neighbouring residents association, BIA and local community partners.

I have additional previous formal experience in elected Board representation as Co-Chair of the St James Town Community Corner. Within the CityPlace community, from 2013 to 2019, I served as a Toronto Community Housing representative. The skills I would bring to the CPRA include: strong community liaison with diverse stakeholders, leadership in small business management and early childhood educational needs, a strong track record of community engagement, social outreach and events planning.

I have ongoing dialogue with City Councillor Joe Cressy’s office, and had the pleasure of hosting Chris Glover, MPP at our Eid Community Barbecue. Political engagement is a key part of fostering diversity, building trust and the inclusion of different perspectives. I can fairly and confidently provide subject matter expertise and invited comments to the media on important identified neighbourhood issues. Should I be trusted with this Board position, I would willingly volunteer more than the minimum 2-4 hours monthly to identify community needs and develop action plans.