Hazel Rivera

Toronto has been my home for over two decades, and despite the piles of snow and endless traffic, I love this city, the communities within it, and working with such diverse people who also call this home.

I obtained my Real Estate licence through OREA in 2008, and after spending three years in the industry, I learned a tremendous amount about the Toronto real estate market, laws, and the housing needs of the people who live here. With an unwavering passion for learning and growth, I enrolled at Western University, with a double major in Computer Science and Media, Information, and Technoculture. I was soon immersed in a world of digital marketing and had gained a new technical perspective on business management.

Currently, I dedicate most of my days to helping local businesses develop branding strategies, with a focus on design, strengthening their online and social presence, and converting website visitors to customers. The free time that I have is often spent organizing community events and working with local not-for-profit organizations.

Becoming a part of the CPRA Board would help me achieve my ongoing goal of creating safe, sustainable networks within my city by determining the needs of communities and connecting them with solution-driven businesses. By understanding the challenges facing the people who call CityPlace home, I would work with the board, businesses, associations, and residents to find realistic, attainable solutions to improve the local economy and create real change within the community.

Some of the ideas I would like to explore are:

  • ●  Facilitating a clean and safe community for our children and furry friends by promoting

    social responsibility, from a resident level to a corporate level.

  • ●  Ensure safer sidewalks and roads during winter seasons for cyclists, public transit

    commuters, pedestrians and drivers.

  • ●  Encourage the support of local businesses through initiatives, town hall meetings, and

    by word of mouth.

  • ●  Promoting the recognition of indigenous people within the community and honouring

    their land

  • ●  Providing a network of resources to new and existing residents of Cityplace help improve

    their livelihood and give them a sense of belonging

  • ●  Organize neighbourhood events focused on shared interests, community citizenship,

    and networking

  • ●  Improve and ensure regular maintenance of the dog park
  • ●  Implement measures to ensure children have access to safe and fun spaces and


    I am very excited to embark on a new chapter with the CPRA Board and Cityplace residents to build a better community!