Darren Pereira

Darren Pereira is a CityPlace resident since 2011. A digital native, serial entrepreneur & creative writer. Darren is a natural community leader because of his excellent communication, strong family values & open nature. With a background in engineering, street culture, fabric, music, advertising, publishing, media and entertainment,

Darren Pereira leads the growth of CultureBit, a Toronto-based branding, marketing & advertising agency he founded to help brands and artists connect with each other.

Darren has a unique talent for working with leading brands to invent, produce and execute powerful and persuasive marketing strategies.

An Indian entrepreneur, Dubai expatriate and engineering university grad usually have a programmers desk or attorney’s office. Darren’s iphone is his mobile office and he enjoys traveling between NY, LA, Atlanta and home in Toronto.

Working with all facets of creativity, Darren spends his time creating campaigns on the fly, printing, pressing, packing, shipping, shooting, editing, writing and traveling to conduct business.

His outgoing personality, combined with an extensive technical background (as MASC. Electrical Engineering, UW ‘99) makes him a natural liaison between brands and creative production & development teams.

Specialties: Advertising & Music, Branded Entertainment, Digital Entertainment, Starting Conversations that turn thought to action.

MASc. Electrical & Comp. Engineering
University of Waterloo, 96-99

Languages: English, Hindi

What I’d like to see more of in our community;

1. Entrepreneurship : There are so many ways to make a living these days. Living downtown isn’t cheap. E-commerce is something we all have access to. Not everybody knows how to sell online. Not everybody can make a shirt. Not all designers know how to sell. Through a rich entrepreneurship community that already exists among us, we can create our very own accelerator.

2. Daycare Services : Young parents always need help. Time & Money are very precious to them. Only a few have mastered the art of managing their peace of mind and their family. We can help each other by creating more child care services right here in our neighborhood.

3. Creative Arts for the youth by the youth : Right here in city-place we have so much talent. Music, art, architecture, fashion & tech. We can activate our true potential if we knew each other better and developed our interpersonal relationships a bit more. Artists are generally not good at promoting themselves. Through workshops and regular activities we can make this a reality. A new clothing brand I’m working on is, “From Fort York with love”.

4. Leadership : Let’s Develop a Leadership Mastermind within our community. Knowledge is our greatest wealth here at Cityplace. Financial intelligence is all around us. Not everybody understands it. Financial literacy can become something our community can become proud of together.

Love People, Use Money.