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CPRA Letter of Support for Rail Deck Park


Dear Executive Committee,

The CityPlace Residents Association is excited about the possibilities that the building of Rail Deck Park would open to residents. We envision Rail Deck Park as a multidimensional green space that provides access to the waterfront, spaces for recreation, a performance arts outdoor gathering place among a multitude of mixed uses for this new park.

The need for green space for recreation in our neighbourhood is a priority, and Rail Deck Park would provide for a variety of uses along with a versatility that will allow it to be rated among the best spaces in enhancing the livability of residents of our community.

The built environment of nice green spaces that serves a variety of purposes will enable seamless access and connection to the waterfront.

We strongly urge the executive committee of the council of the city of Toronto to accelerate the timeframes necessary to make this park a reality.

We strongly support the building of the Rail Deck Park.

Gary Pieters
CityPlace Residents Association

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