CityPlace resident offers to share lottery jackpot with community if he ever wins
 The Star – 10/02/2019

Spadina-Fort York All-Candidates Meeting Hosted by CPRA and 7 Residents Associations CityNews – 09/26/2019

CityPlace residents concerned about schools, community centre opening amid crippling congestion Global News – 09/04/2019

Residents concerned about congestion in CityPlace Global News – 09/03/2019

Toronto city planner dives into infrastructure plans for CityPlace neighbourhood Global News – 09/03/2019

Toronto councillor weighs in on CityPlace congestion Global News – 09/03/2019

CityPlace schools to be complete by January 2020, City of Toronto says CBC News – 09/02/2019

Toronto Animal Services teaching condo dwellers dog etiquette CBC News – 08/26/2019

CityPlace residents’ group calls on condo developer to take down giant sign CTV News – 08/20/2019

The War Against pets in CityPlace Rages On Toronto Storeys Blog – 08/16/2019

Maybe we wouldn’t need pet bans if owners were more responsible Toronto Star – 08/15/2019

CityPlace dog owner launches petition against condo pet ban  Toronto Star – 08/14/2019

Toronto Neighbourhood Upset After Two Condos Ban Pets  BlogTO – 08/15/2019

Residents at Two Toronto Condos Fighting to Overturn Pet Ban CP24 – 08/14/2019

Residents at Two Toronto Condos Fighting to Overturn Pet Ban CP24 – 08/14/2019

CP24 Live at Noon;CP24 – 08/14/2019

Dog Owners Fight Against Pet Ban at Two Downtown Condos CTV News – 08/14/2019

New Pet Ban at CityPlace Condos Global News – 08/14/2019

Audio: Mark Weisleder, Real Estate Lawyer talks about CityPlace tenants fighting back against a new pet ban   Newstalk1010 – 08/13/2019

Toronto’s condo communities have a dog poo problem The Globe and Mail – 07/24/2019

Attracting Millennials; National Post – 07/18/2019

Completion of Schools in CityPlace Slightly Delayed CBC News – 07/16/2019

Red Winged Blackbird Attacks Pedestrians in CityPlace  CityNews – 07/11/2019

Toronto Takes Parks to New Heights with Rooftop Basketball Court Toronto Star – 07/07/2019

Unregistered Electrical Worker Electrocuted in CityPlace Global News – 07/04/2019

Anti-LGBTQ Posters Popping Up Across Toronto  CityNews News – 07/03/2019

CityPlace Schools and Community Centre Slightly Delayed   CBC News – 06/28/2019

Colourful Mural Painted Over; CityNews – 06/08/2019

Are Toronto’s Parks Going to the Dogs? – Toronto.Com – 06/03/2019

Mayor of Toronto Helps Finsh Raptors Logo in CityPlace Canoe Landing Park; Global News – 05/17/2019

Concerns over Discarded Needles in CityPlace City News – 05/09/2019

Toronto Neighbourhood Summit Tries to Find Strength in Community Numbers Across the City Toronto Star – 04/06/2019

Cityplace residents clash over lack of dog friendly spaces CityNews – 04/03/2019

 Now Magazine – 02/27/2019

Accused Chair Tosser Embarassed – Influenced by Peer Pressure – CTV News – 02/14/2019

Man in Serious Condition After Shooting at CityPlace Highrise   CBC News – 01/1/2019

Toronto Neighbourhood Groups Want Beefed Up Staffing at City Hall Toronto Star – 11/22/2018

Cityplace residents turn out for annual spring cleanup CBC Toronto – 04/22/2018

Coalition launches ‘We Love King’ campaign to show support for pilot project CBC Toronto – 02/05/2018

Ontario plans elevator law as report recommends setting repair timelines – Globe and Mail – 01/25/2018

CityPlace Town Hall Hits Wall- Queens Quay Protesters – The Bulletin – 01/25/2018

CityPlace Condo Festival Helps Build Community Spirit Postmedia – 08/26/2017

Toronto’s Cityplace grows from a high-rise district into a community Globe and Mail – 07/28/2017

Battle Brews Over Conflicting Plans for Rail Deck Park Toronto Star – 06/09/2017

CityPlace Town Hall Hits Wall – Queens Quay Protesters The Bulletin – 05/2017

Beanfield snaps up over 9,000 Toronto condo units from Telus – 04/19/2017

Residents living in downtown Toronto’s City Place concerned with increased traffic congestion Global News – 04/16/2017

Toronto is getting a stunning new downtown park BlogTO – 04/07/2017

What will it take for Toronto to continue to sustain the condo boom? City News – 04/03/2017

Concord Adex’s Last Two Towers Approved at CityPlace Urban Toronto – 03/24/2017

Basketball on roof in vertical community Metro Canada (Toronto) – 11/29/2016

Rail Deck Park ‘last chance’ for major downtown parkland, mayor says CBC Toronto – 10/06/2016

Toronto’s skyline is about to join the big-leagues: What the city could look like in 2020 Toronto Star – 10/08/2016

Toronto Hydro to probe CityPlace power outages CBC Toronto – 10/06/2016

Power slowly restored at CityPlace after blackout Toronto Star – 09/03/2016

Power restored to CityPlace buildings and surrounding area after 18 hours CBC Toronto – 09/04/2016

Toronto parks suffer from lack of pride The Globe and Mail – 08/25/2016

Residents fighting back after condo board proposes pet ban – City News – 08/23/2016

Toronto condo owners barking mad over proposed pet ban – Metro News – 08/24/2016

Toronto condo board’s pet ban sparks vigorous debate – The Globe and Mail

Public art pieces unveiled at Concord CityPlace in Toronto – Canadian Architect – 06/22/2016

Toronto condos are investing in art – Metro News – 06/16/2016

How Toronto’s CityPlace built a community in the sky

CityPlace condo community plans new schools, daycare

Grounding Condoland – Carleton University – Masters Research Project – 2015

Matt Galloway Meet & Connect with Cityfest Co-Founder Tiberiu Scrieciu – CBC Metro Morning – 08/21/2014

Cityfest Stirs a Crowd at Concord CityPlace – Urban Toronto – 08/23/2013

The challenge at CityPlace: redefining condo life – Globe and Mail – 08/23/2013

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Cityfest to bring Cityplace residents and visitors together – Toronto Sun – 08/15/2013

Welcome to the neighbourhood? Residents attempt community building at CityPlace Gleaner – 09/01/2011

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