Community Awareness & Homelessness|

Sundays are for serving the community, in Toronto. As the city goes into another lockdown phase, restauranteurs like Kitchen.24 are stepping up their game alongside Spadina Fort York Community Care program, the Seeds of Hope foundation and MPP Chris Glover. This time, 480 meals were served with the help of resident volunteers who pick up meals, drive them downtown, assemble packs and then distribute them to homeless shelters across the city.

Yes, you can help every Sunday, too. There’s 3 ways to help.
Driving, Assembly/Packing and Sandwich partners.

1) Drivers are needed for

10:30 a.m. sandwich pick up from downtown locations,

1:30 p.m. delivery of meals and supply kits to encampments and Seeds of Hope.

2) Assembly and Packing Meal Kits

Sunday beginning at 12 p.m., volunteers come to Portland Place and pack the food donations into meal kts. The kits are packed into boxes and then volunteers take them out for delivery to the encampments.

Assembling and packaging normally take 1.5 to 2 hours.

3) Sandwich Partners and Ambassadors

Sandwich Partners make the sandwiches that go into the meal kits. Partners can “partner” with the Program directly, meaning it’s only their own sandwiches that they bring in themselves on Sundays / have picked up

Giving is the new Receiving

Grateful to all Toronto residents for coming out and helping to make a difference, one Sunday at a time. Your work is appreciated & respected.

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