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On February 11th at Woodsworth College, University of Toronto, CPRA Board Members Darren Pereira and Peter Chiaramonte attended Professor Rafael Gomez’s senior class on “Working as an Internal Consultant” in the Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources. Dr. Gomez is the Centre’s Director, and someone with whom Dr. Chiaramonte had been collaborating with since the course began.

Two groups of consultants presented their recommendations—based on more than a month’s worth of research on distinct, but related, challenges the CPRA presented them with in January:  1. What is the best way to approach harm reduction in CityPlace?; and 2. How might the CPRA launch an effective campaign to raise awareness of the risks and dangers of fire and rescue procedures? Here are some of what they’ve come up with so far.

1. Harm Reduction at CityPlace: A Proactive Approach to Safety

Short-term Strategies: CPRA can achieve a Safe Space for its residents by promoting “sharps boxes” ($200/ea. from Amazon); providing concierge and security training and education on drug and alcohol interventions; and putting together a recycling program that pays close attention to cleaning up the leftover remnants of drug and alcohol paraphernalia.

Long-term Strategies: Longer-term programs might include collaboration with the City on supervised injection services and further education programs aimed at protecting our children and other vulnerable groups from harm.

2. Making High-rise Living Safer for Residents of CityPlace

Awareness Campaign Recommendations: Build support and partnerships with Toronto Fire Services, local businesses, and schools; standardize emergency procedures and reporting mechanisms; initiate a Fire Safety Week campaign (October 4-10th); and start a New Resident Safety Education program.

Awareness Campaign—Building-specifics: Provide informative door hangers to place on each unit’s door handle; email Newsletters outlining risk, responsibilities and procedures; place eye-catching posters on elevators; put on in-lobby information booths on special occasions; print materials in multiple languages; and be sure to install your carbon monoxide detectors correctly.

The Board is still sorting out the Officers who will follow-up on these recommendations, and we’ll keep all of our Members and residents appraised of these developments as they unfold.

CityLab Consulting and Advisory Resources

“With Real-world Impact”

Dr. Chiaramonte has also been invited to present on a Guest Lecture panel for the Rotman School of Management’s CityLab Fellowship Program at the University of Toronto on Monday, February 24th. The CityLab Fellowship course is open to full-time MBA program students whose aim is to immerse themselves in local economic challenges, by working with businesses and business improvement areas (BIAs) on current issues they are facing. 

Past Fellows have taken on a range of issues, from developing a strategy for increasing foot traffic in one neighbourhood during off-peak winter months to providing economic impact metrics for an initiative aimed at getting Toronto businesses to adopt digital tools and technology. 

Welcome to the upcoming speaker series listing. Each year, Rotman hosts about 100 public talks by international bestselling authors, top management executives and other influential thought leaders. We hope you’ll join us for one of these remarkable events.

Faculty from across the university landscape are also available to students as mentors and advisors, sharing their expertise in management, industrial relations and urban planning. The program pairs students with seasoned professionals, including Rotman faculty advisors and industry experts. And while a lot of valuable learning happens in the classroom, the most transformational experiences happen in the field, which is why our MBA candidates work directly with neighbourhood-based organizations. 

Dr. Chiaramonte hasn’t yet come up with a title for his presentation to have posted up on the Rotman Speaker Series’ Upcoming Events, though he intends to discuss How to go about becoming sole proprietor of your own career as a consultant—through human teaching for human learning.

PDF Presentations: CityPlace Making High-Rise Living Safer


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