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In October 2018, there was local media coverage on CityNews pertaining to used and discarded needles in various public realm areas of CityPlace including Canoe Landing Park, and the North and South Linear Parks. The news story followed concerns that a child waiting at a school bus loading zone in the vicinity of Dan Leckie Way and Fort York Blvd came into contact with a used needle.

The location of discarded needles in our public realm areas indicates that there is the increased presence of people engaged in public injection drug use with needles and other drug paraphernalia in the linear parks and public spaces in the CityPlace neighbourhood. This area have a high volume of various transient, street involved, unstably housed/no fixed address, and homeless people, some of whom are living under the Gardiner; in public parks; and an influx of new clients of the respite centre at 545 Lakeshore Blvd, as well as other drop-in services within travelling distance of CityPlace.

The following information is available as resources for residents of CityPlace and should be used only with permission.

Needle Safety:

Locations of needle drop boxes:

News Story

Minutes of Meeting on Harm Reduction Services:
Minutes of Stakeholder Meeting on Harm Reduction


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