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Construction Update: Harbour/York St at Bay St

Construction activity continues along Harbour Street as we work to rebuild the roadway from three to four lanes. Starting on Friday, October 6 at 9:00 P.M. the intersection at Bay Street will be closed for reconstruction until Tuesday, October 10 at 5:00 A.M. Traffic along Harbour Street will be diverted at York Street to go north and southbound.

The intersection at HARBOUR STREET and BAY STREET will be completely closed to traffic, pedestrians and cyclists.This work will take place from 9:00 p.m. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6th to 5:00 a.m. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 10th. Work will take place throughout the entire long weekend including overnight.

On Saturday, October 7th from 9:00 P.M. to 12:01 A.M. one lane on Harbour Street will be temporarily opened to allow vehicle traffic to access the Bay Street on-ramp to the eastbound Gardiner Expressway. This is will help move the large volumes of vehicles expected after the Toronto Maple Leafs home opener.


Traffic Management: Access along Harbour Street will be affected as follows:
• Full closure of the intersection at Bay Street and Harbour Street with no through-traffic.
• Eastbound traffic will be diverted at York Street to go north or south bound, and then eastbound on Front or Queens Quay, respectively.
• The eastbound Rees Street on-ramp will be open at all times.
• Westbound lanes on Lake Shore Boulevard West will remain open.
• Through eastbound traffic to downtown is encouraged to take Gardiner Expressway to Jarvis Street and enter downtown from Jarvis during this closure.

Efforts have been made to manage traffic in the area for the safety of workers, road users and residents. Road users should expect delays and increased traffic on nearby main and side streets.

Overnight Work Hours: Work will take place 24-hours a day for the entire weekend. The contractor will use extended work hours to minimize traffic disruption and congestion.

Be advised, that overnight work will involve loud noise, such as concrete saw cutting, concrete grinding and concrete removal (e.g. tools and machinery), placing concrete into trucks (banging) and beeping trucks backing-up. This type of work can be expected the first half of the weekend. This noise will not be as disruptive as the ramp demolition work that was delivered this past spring.

There will be periods when very little activity is taking place due to freshly poured concrete curing in the roadway.

TTC Service: This closure will affect the 6 Bay route.
visit for detour information and see pole cards on affected stops.

Pedestrian Access: Due to the nature of the work and for safety reasons, pedestrians will not be able to use the sidewalks within the construction area. Signage will be placed ahead of the intersection to notify pedestrians to use adjacent streets to move north and south.

Alternate Cycle Routes: The cycle tracks on Bay Street will be closed through the intersection. Signage will be posted ahead of the closure to alert cyclists to use alternate routes on Lower Simcoe and Queens Quay. The Lake Shore Boulevard West multi-use trail remains closed from Rees Street to York Street for the duration of construction. Signs for cyclists will be posted directing them to the Martin Goodman Trail on Queens Quay West.

Road, Sidewalk and Driveway Access: In order to complete the work in a safe manner, there will be road and sidewalk restrictions within the construction area.

Driveway and Laneway Access: Laneways that serve businesses and residences in the area will remain accessible for access, deliveries and service.

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