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CPRA Election Results

The CityPlace Residents’ Association (CPRA) Ontario Corporation Number 1893476, held an election for a new Board of Directors at its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on November 24, 2019 between 2 pm and 4 pm at the Toronto Public Library, Fort York Branch. 

Following the Annual General Meeting, candidates and the outgoing board members attended the vote count. 

82 ballots were issued at the meeting to member residents who registered in advance of the meeting. 

82 of these ballots were returned for counting.

81 of these ballots were accepted by the Board.

1 of these ballots was rejected as spoiled by the board for having selected in excess of nine candidates. 

In addition to the above, 

30 ballots were issued at the meeting to member residents who:

a. Attended the meeting at the appointed time; and

b. Produced valid government photo identification and proof of residence to the election Secretary; but

c. Had yet to complete a membership form. 

In addition to the above, 3 ballots were issued at the meeting to member residents who:

a. Attended the meeting prior to voting closing; and

b. Produced valid government photo identification and proof of residence to the election Secretary; but

c. Had yet to complete a membership form.

The total number of ballots issued was: 115

The total number of ballots cast was: 115

The total number of ballots counted was: 115

The total number of ballots rejected was: 1

Each counted ballot contained votes for at least one and no more than nine candidates. 

The results of the vote were as follows:

Shwan Dizai – Elected

Gus Kastanis – Elected

Darren Pereira – Elected

Peter Chiaramonte – Elected

Nicole Sparks-Barnes – Elected

Hazel Rivera – Elected

Keith Graham – Elected

Noah Wilson – Elected

Kate Whittaker – Elected

The Board obtained consensus among the candidates to publish the vote count for only elected Board Members. The full vote count was communicated to each candidate at the vote. Any member wishing further information may request it in writing. 

The outgoing Board congratulates the newly elected and returning Board Members and thanks all candidates who put forth their candidacy for election. 

Any member or candidate wishing to inspect the ballots may do so upon reasonable request for a period of sixty days. All original ballots will be retained by the outgoing President until delivered to the new Board. 

Any member having any questions about the election is encouraged to contact any of your new Board Members. The new board will meet within 30-days and following their organizational meeting, an announcement will be made regarding the next executive including president, vice-presidents, secretary, and treasurer.

The outgoing Board thanks all members who attended the Annual General Meeting.


CityPlace Kids Halloween Crawl

CityPlace Kids Halloween 2018

Poster Map of Participating CityPlace Towers and Businesses – CityPlace Kids Halloween Crawl

Download Halloween Crawl Poster Map


Copyright 2018 CityPlace Residents’ Association. All Rights Reserved.


Clean CityPlace

Clean CityPlace Together

Date: Sunday, April 22

Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 noon

Volunteer Check In Area: Meet at Canoe Landing Park/p>

Clean Up Zones

Clean Up Zones Across CityPlace (See Map)

On Sunday April 22, from 10:00 am-12:00 pm, join us for Clean Toronto Together.

Check in Canoe Landing Park, 95 Fort York Blvd; select one of the 12 CityPlace Cleanup Zones from the map; then pick up litter and help keep CityPlace clean, green and beautiful! Gloves, rakes, garbage bags and recycling materials provided.

Diabetes Canada will have textile donation bins in Canoe Landing Park for gently used clothing.

There will be an after cleanup social at Fox and Fiddle from 12:30 – 2:30 pm, as well as T-Shirts, Prizes and Raffles.

Pre-Registration is not required and we have listed the event as part of the The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. Individuals and teams are encouraged to participate in cleaning up any of the 12 Clean Up Zones. To find out more information contact us at

About Clean Toronto Together

Join over 200,000 residents, students, businesses, organizations and community groups as we come together for the 15th annual city-wide cleanup of public spaces.

Participants are encouraged to register their cleanups at Registration helps the City to arrange special litter pickups, avoid duplicate cleanups and measure results.

Now in its 15th year, Clean Toronto Together is Canada’s largest spring cleanup program. It begins with City staff cleaning streets, parks and watercourses. Over a four-week period, the City deploys more than 300 pieces of equipment, including litter vacuums, sweepers, front-end loaders, d‎ump trucks, sidewalk sweepers and power washers.


Public Open House on the Proposed Downtown Plan

Public Open House on the Proposed Downtown Plan


Download TOcore December 2 Meeting Notice

Date: December 2, 2017
Time: Drop in between 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Presentations at 10:15 a.m., 11:45 a.m. & 1:00 p.m.
Location: YWCA Toronto, 87 Elm Street, Toronto, Ontario M5G 0A8

The City of Toronto is holding an open house on the proposed Downtown Plan, where you can drop by to gather information, speak with staff and share comments.

The proposed Downtown Plan will serve as a blueprint to guide growth in the heart of Toronto and the development of infrastructure to support it over the next 25 years. The Plan seizes on the opportunities that come with intensification, while addressing the challenges often associated with growth. To guide implementation, the Downtown Plan will include five supporting Infrastructure Strategies that address parks and public realm, mobility, community services and facilities, energy, and water.

This open house will provide an overview of the proposed Downtown Plan and the five Infrastructure Strategies. Please drop in at any time, share your thoughts, and learn more about how the plan for our growing Downtown will improve liveability for all Torontonians.

For more information and to take our online survey on the Plan:


TimelapseTO CityPlace – June 10

TimelapseTO CityPlace

What does your ideal neighbourhood look like?

Join Maximum City, Canadian Urban Institute and area youth at our TimelapseTO workshop to imagine design and discuss the future of CityPlace using large maps, Lego and other fun materials!

Drop by Fort York Library anytime between 11:30 am – 4:30 pm on June 10th, 2017. For more information, please visit


Public Meeting – Rail Deck Park

Download June 13 Rail Deck Park postcard – for electronic distribution pdf version

Earlier this year, City Council approved taking the first steps to move the bold and ambitious plan forward for Rail Deck Park. Along with detailed implementation plans, cost estimates and growth-related revenue options, and more, the City has initiated an Official Plan Amendment process to formally review re-designating the space above the rail corridor as park space.

On June 13th, the first public consultation as part of the process is being hosted by City Planning – come out and share your thoughts on this critical and potentially game-changing space for our community:

Date: Tuesday June 13th
Time: 6-9pm
Location: Metro Hall Rotunda


OMB Review – Public Town Hall Consultation

OMB Review – Public Town Hall Consultation
Tuesday, November 15, 2016
Registration and Open House: 5-6pm
Town Hall: 6-9:30pm
Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building, Room 201
222 Bremner Boulevard


Upcoming Public Meeting on GO Transit Electrification

Metrolinx Public Meeting on GO Transit Electrification:
Wednesday, November 9
Metro Toronto Convention Centre
South Building, Rooms 717A & 718

Metrolinx, an agency of the Government of Ontario, is studying electrification of GO Transit services including train lines that operate through the Union Station Rail Corridor, south of Front Street. This would involve the construction of new electrical infrastructure in and near the rail corridors and the possible modification of existing structures such as bridges.

Please find details of public meetings that will be held in Toronto and surrounding cities to share the latest update on this work. Metrolinx Public Meeting Information | Metrolinx Public Meeting Details

For additional information, please visit or contact Metrolinx at


Block 31 Working Group – Schools and Community Centre

On Monday, October 17th, The CityPlace Residents’ Association and other community partners met with the CityPlace Block 31 working group project staff for a status update on Block 31 (site designated for 2-schools, a childcare facility and a community centre at 20 Brunel Court/95 Fort York Blvd, and the public art component of the project was introduced for discussion and comments. Five shortlisted artists are being considered for the public artwork component of Block 31.



Green Neighbours 20

values3The CityPlace Residents’ Association (CPRA) participated in Green Neighbours 20 inaugural meeting o Thursday, October 13th, 2016. We were represented at the meeting by CPRA Director Mo Nur.

Green Neighbours 20 is a grassroots, action-oriented group of people who live, work, study or spend time in Ward 20, Toronto (between Dupont, and the Waterfront and between University and Bathurst), who are working together to respond to climate change and other environmental issues.

It is based on the belief that although the problems we face are complex and challenging, there is a lot that we can do to make a difference, and it’s a lot more fun and effective if we work together. The group helps members of the community to learn more about the issues and to demonstrated environmental stewardship towards a greener and environmentally sustainable planet. It offers an opportunity for neighbours to meet, and helps build strong community.

If you have an interest in connecting with a network of local and city-wide environmental groups, generate plans for local action and learn more about ongoing green activities in the city, including TransformTO, the City’s plan to reduce carbon emmissions by80% by 2050, this is the group for you.

Many ideas were shared by residents in 20 Ward how to make our neighbourhoods greener. One great idea was shared by Barbara Davidson Harbord Village resident on how Harbord Village Residents Association, started a project to make their lane way greener and planted trees/plants. They got funding and other resources from City of Toronto. Ward 20 Councilor Joe Cressy loved their idea and he took their idea to City Council and got city council to endorse it. Now the idea is with City staff.
Residents from CityPlace, Seaton Village, Annex, Harbord Village, U of T, Kensignton, Baldwin Village, Alexandra Park, Grange Park and Entertainment District attended.

Join Green Neighbours 20 on Facebook

Information o Green Neighbours 20


Envisioning 318 Queens Quay

318-qq-meetingThe CityPlace Residents’ Association (CPRA) was invited to participate in the visioning session on the future of 318 Queens Quay. The goal of the visioning session was to engage stakeholders in a participatory design discussion on what a multipurpose, multifunctional new public space on the waterfront would look like in better serving the needs of our increasing diverse demographics in the high density vertical neighbourhoods of the waterfront area. In addition to the CPRA there were representatives from organizations and associations including: the York Quay Neighbourhood Association (YQNA); the Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Association (BQNA); the Waterfront Business Improvement Area (WBIA); The City of Toronto (Councillor Cressy and staff, the City’s Waterfront Secretariat, the City’s Planning Department); and Harbourfront Centre.



Follow up from Joint Meeting Regarding Reliable Power Supply for CityPlace

hydromeeting1Pictured L-R: Gary Pieters-CPRA; Joe Cressy-Ward 20 Councillor; Gabriel Leung-VP Concord Adex; Andrea McKittrick-CityPlace/Fort York BIA

On October 3rd, 2016 there was a joint meeting to discuss the power failures that affected multiple CityPlace Towers. Here is a recent letter from Toronto Hydro to Residents, and a joint letter from CPRA, BIA, Concord, and Ward 20.

Dear CityPlace Neighbours:

The repeated power outages that CityPlace endured in late August and early September have been a source of serious concern. On five instances over three weeks, these outages caused serious challenges, with the longest outage lasting for about 18 hours. They disrupted the everyday activities of residents and businesses, caused the loss of a great deal of refrigerated and frozen food, raised health issues for people who rely on air conditioning during hot weather, and effectively stranded anyone who was not able to climb stairs for multiple storeys.

On September 20, we sat down together with representatives from Toronto Hydro for a detailed briefing to learn about the cause of these outages and find out what Toronto Hydro has been doing to resolve the problem. As an outcome of this meeting, Toronto Hydro agreed to prepare a letter updating the CityPlace community, which you can find attached to this message. (See Toronto Hydro Letter to CityPlace – October 2016)

The power outages were caused by multiple failures in both the main and backup cables that provide electricity to CityPlace directly from the Strachan Transformer Station. The system is designed so that either the main or backup cable can provide full power to CityPlace at any given time, and it is extremely rare to have problems with both at once. Throughout the period of repeated outages, only once – the 18-hour outage – did both cables fail at exactly the same time. During the shorter outages, only one cable had failed, but it takes a few hours to manually switch the electricity supply to the backup cable.

Over the past weeks, Toronto Hydro has replaced both sections of problematic cable entirely, totalling about 1.5 kilometres of new infrastructure serving CityPlace.

As we discussed with Toronto Hydro, there is still more work required to ensure that we can all be confident in the reliability of the electricity supply to the neighbourhood.

First, an investigation is underway to determine the underlying cause of these equipment failures. It should not have been a problem of capacity or aged infrastructure, but all possibilities will be reviewed. Toronto Hydro has committed to sharing this information with the CityPlace community.

Second, Toronto Hydro will undertake a preliminary review of the cost and complexity of installing automatic switches in CityPlace buildings in order to eliminate the time it takes to manually switch buildings from the main power supply to the backup cable.

Third, Councillor Cressy brought a motion to City Council earlier this month to direct Toronto Hydro to conduct a formal review of these power outages and report back to City Council on preventative measures against any future incidents, the state of electricity capacity and planning in the neighbourhood, and ways to improve communications protocols during major power outages like these.

We will continue to work closely together and with Toronto Hydro to ensure that this problem is investigated and permanently fixed. Lessons learned from this experience must help avoid future power outages and improve the protocol for responding to power outages and communicating with affected residents and businesses.


Joe Cressy
City Councillor
Ward 20 Trinity-Spadina

Gary Pieters
CityPlace Residents’ Association

Jesse Topliffe
CityPlace & Fort York BIA

Gabriel Leung
Vice President
Concord Adex


CityPlace Autumn Festival Was A Success

CityPlace Autumn Festival held on Saturday, October 8, 2016 was a success! Thank you to everyone who participated, sponsored, organized, vendored or assisted on the event date.


Traffic Lights Installed at CityPlace Intersection – Dan Leckie Way and Fort York Blvd

Dan Leckie Way and Fort York Blvd is a busy 4-Way intersection in the heart of the CityPlace neighbourhood that experiences high vehicular traffic volume, serves a bus route (TTC 121), a bustling bike line, and has a high walkability due to its proximity to Canoe Landing Park. To address traffic and pedestrian issues and concerns, as well as, improve community safety at this busy intersection, Traffic Lights have now been installed. The will be operational soon.





CityPlace Autumn Festival

On October 8th, join us at the #CityPlace #Toronto Autumn Festival, 11-5pm, 23 Spadina Ave. poster_digital_autumn


#CityPlace Toronto Movie Night at Canoe Landing Park was a Success!

Thanks to everyone who attend movie night at Canoe Landing Park, hosted by the CityPlace and Fort York Business Improvement Area (BIA), with support from the CityPlace Residents’ Association (CPRA). It was a glorious night with clear skies, great weather and scenic backdrop of the CN tower! movienightcoverphoto

Stay tuned for upcoming events….


Movie Night in Canoe Landing Park

The CityPlace Residents Association is pleased to support Movie Night in Canoe Landing Park on Sept. 25th, at 8:00 pm, sponsored by the CityPlace and Fort York Business Improvement Area!. #BestMovieNightEver cityplacemovienight


Games Night

Residents engaged in building a stronger social community with activities including games night!




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