Canoe Landing (Block 31) Construction – Update 15

Schedule Update: The construction schedule for the new building has been further delayed due to strikes involving several trades working on the site. Based on information provided by the general contractor, we expect the schools to be ready for occupancy by January 2020. We anticipate the Canoe Landing community centre, including the child care centre, to be complete by spring 2020. The three partners continue to monitor the situation and are working together to ensure that the schools, child care centre and community centre are completed as soon as possible. We will update the community as additional information becomes available.

South Building: – Fire protection, mechanical and electrical work well underway, as well as flooring and millwork. Finish work including painting and installation of furnishings well underway.North Building: – Fire protection, mechanical and electrical work well underway. Curtainwall and glazing installation is approaching completion. Stair and elevator installation is approaching completion.

Exterior Work – Landscaping work well underway. Streetscaping along Brunel Court and Fort York Blvd. well underway.Site access is expected to be maintained at the mid-point of the east boundary. A second vehicular access, allowing site access off Fort York Blvd is also expected to remain in place for the time being.

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