Block 31 Construction Update 7 – June 2018

Block 31 (Canoe Landing schools, community centre, daycare and indoor playground facilities) Update #7 – June 2018

Block 31 construction continues to progress quickly. The project is approximately 30% constructed
to date.

Substructure – Waterproofing, backfilling of foundation walls and forming and reinforcing of grade beams are well underway. Work on the underground ramp connecting the 2 buildings has commenced.

Superstructure – Pouring of structural slabs, walls, deck and columns as well as elevator and stairwells in the north and south buildings are well underway. The Hydro vault is complete and ready for inspection. The structural steel trade has mobilized on site and erection has commenced on the north building.

Installation of the fencing around the artificial turf field has commenced. Programming on the field will not be interrupted. Work on the south retaining wall is expected to commence shortly.

Site access is expected to be maintained at the existing 2 east boundary locations; one at the south end of the east boundary and the other at the mid-point of the east boundary. An additional site access off Fort York Blvd. has been approved by the City.

Suzanne Cooke-Wooland, SPC

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