Block 31 Canoe Landing Campus Facility Update – October 2018

Block 31 Canoe Landing Campus Facility Update – October 2018

October 4th, 2018

Attention: CityPlace Residents’ Association and BIA
Re: Block 31 Construction – Update 9
Block 31 construction continues to progress quickly. The project is approximately 50% constructed
to date.

Superstructure – Pouring of structural slabs, walls (including steel reinforcement) and deck continue to proceed on schedule. The Hydro vault is complete and ready for inspection. The structural steel trade has completed most of the north building work. The south building structural steel work is well underway. South and north building exterior partition wall framing and sheathing is underway. South and north building masonry partitions and mechanical and electrical rough-in work is underway.

Site service work is well underway.

Artificial turf field fence work is complete. Programming on the field will not be interrupted. South retaining wall is approaching completion. West concrete retaining wall has been waterproofed and backfilled.

Site access is expected to be maintained at the mid-point of the east boundary. A second vehicular access, allowing site access off Fort York Blvd is also expected to remain in place.

Suzanne Cooke-Wooland, SPC

08-03-2018 Block 31 Update 9 Download PDF

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